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    You know that your clothes, your music and even your hairstyle can speak volumes about who you are, But what about your cell phone ring? What does this simple sound say about your personality?

    After taking at least a dozen ringtone personality quizzes, I am now an expert ringtone analyst. Here's the fortune-cookie version of what your most commonly-used ringtones tell others about you.

    Silent Ringtone

    You are the strong, silent type. You probably have a classical personality and enjoy good restaurants and culture. You are drawn to intellectuals and consider yourself one. You are considerate of others, but perhaps to a fault. Don't be so eager to please, and consider shaking things up a bit by trying a few true ringtones for a change.

    Camouflage Ringtone

    Obviously, you are another considerate member of society. Your background-sound ringtones show that you have a strong creative side and a quirky sense of humor. (For more on camouflage ringtones , click here.)

    Default "Ring" Ringtone

    An old-fashioned ringing phone announces to others that you are too busy for your own good. Take time to slow down and relish life's little niceties, including the freedom to choose your own ringtones. Pick a few random ringtones just to show that you can change your style.

    Animal Sounds Ringtone

    If your cell phone often barks, purrs or moos, you are either a dedicated animal lover or one who likes to see others do a double-take in the halls of the mall. Or maybe you're just young at heart.

    Rap Ringtone

    You are ultra modern, a crowd follower, and are into fun. You're also quite impatient—put down that cell phone when you're driving and wait until you get there. You like the colors red and black, and dig unusual hairstyles and hats.

    Heavy Rock or Pop Ringtone

    You're on the nervous side, you like the big city, and you just hate feeling trapped. You long to fit in. You tend to move quickly, but don't always consider the consequences. You drive a sports car or a funky truck, and you drive it pretty fast.

    Obscene Ringtone

    From the glares you earn every time your wayward cell phone lets loose a stream of obscenities, you may already grasp that you have some passive aggressive social issues plaguing your life. Counseling may be in your future.

    Movie Clip Ringtone

    If you've spotlighted you're favorite movie scene or tune on your cell phone ringtone, you're most likely a romantic, well liked by others—often a leader. You're also probably the one that picks the movies when renting DVDs (and most likely the only one in your crowd quoting them afterward).

    Action Clip Ringtone

    If you feature action and adventure sounds or music on your cell phone, others may see your chosen tone as a way to compensate for a lack of action in your real life. If that isn't the case, be sure to prove them wrong!

    Country, Soft Rock or Oldies Ringtone

    You're also a romantic—a nostalgic, with a keen sense of rhythm. You like to dance (or would like dancing if you'd ever bothered to learn). You would rather be a follower than a leader, and you are charitable.

    Jazz Ringtone

    You are an explorer. You are anxious to try new things, but do so with a balance of patience. Try composing your own jazz ringtones to add to your collection.

    Classical Music Ringtone

    While classical ringtones are considered a safe bet, you aren't fooling anyone into thinking that you're a connoisseur of the finer things in life. (True classical personalities typically choose no ringtone at all.) Enjoy classical music at the concert hall and on your stereo at home, but give your cell phone a ringtone personality of its own.

    Custom-Made Ringtone

    Truly, you are an entrepreneur of original sound. You have a unique personality and are always on the lookout for something new and different. You don't follow the crowd, but dance to your own drummer. Keep up the good work.

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